How old do I have to be to go skydiving?

All tandem skydivers must be a minimum of strictly 12 years of age. 

Is there a maximum weight to do a tandem skydive?

Yes. For the safety of yourself and our tandem masters people who weigh more than 95kgs are only able to participate at the discretion of the tandem master. 

Can my family and friends come to watch me?

Absolutely - the more the merrier! We have a spacious outdoor viewing area where your loved ones can watch you fly overhead and land right in front of them. 

How long will my skydive activity take?

We will endeavour to have your jump completed within 2 hours of your 'start-time' however please be advised, due to conditions such as weather it may take longer. We recommended planning with no time constraints.

How soon will I receive my video and photos? 

Please allow at least 30-60 minutes after your skydive for us to put together your personalised memory device. 

Can I take my GoPro with me?

According to National Operational Regulations O.R.9.7.2 "a parachutist must not carry a camera during a descent unless the parachutist holds at least a Certificate Class C". If you don't hold this certificate you are not allowed to take your GoPro with you during a skydive in Australia. You can purchase a HD Video and Photo Package on the day of your skydive.  

What should I wear?

Lace up shoes, comfortable pants you can move in easily (jeans not recommended), and a warm jumper especially in winter (it can be very cold at high altitudes). Long hair should be tied back. Please leave jewelry, watches, sunglasses and any valuables at home. 

We will provide overpants, goggles & gloves. 

What if I have to cancel my skydive?

We take a non-refundable $100 deposit for each person at the time of booking. If you cancel within 7 days of your booking a 50% cancellation fee applies. If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking a 100% cancellation fee applies. 

What If I have to reschedule my skydive?

Please advise us of your need to reschedule more than 48 hours prior to your booking otherwise your $100 deposit will be void.